A few skinny pens are coming.

       I've had a few people over the past couple years now complain that there never seems to be any "little" or "skinny" pens available from custom makers.  I admit it does seem to be a little more difficult to make this sort of thing.  The clearances have to be tighter and the parts are definitely more fragile.  I decided I would make a couple pens to suit this crowd.   Both of my new ones are from Conway Stewart blanks which I am learning to love more and more each day.  They polish up beautifully and make great pens.   Both pens are gonna be around 5 1/2" in length capped and right at 5" uncapped.  Both have 11mm to 10.5mm sections and both will feature #6 Jowo nibs.  This section size is about as small as I can get a section with a #6 feed and housing.

      On the special order side of life I am currently at about 2 weeks give or take.  I have a couple of orders going where I am waiting on materials to arrive.  If you have something in mind send me an email and be sure to put "pen inquiry" in the subject line so I know not to "junk" it.  I should be able to get to your idea pretty quickly. 

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