I made a couple of sisters/brothers this week

Sometimes its fun to take what would otherwise be ordinary material and try to make an extraordinary result.  I wanted to make a red pen and not necessarily a plain red pen.  So I got this really cool shimmery black blank and made a red pen and an opposing black pen in identical styles with opposing colors on their respective parts.  It might just be easier to look at the picture :). 

I have also been working on Nib grinding.  I don't know if you can see above, but I ground a broad nib to a cursive italic.  I have been working on getting better at  grinding and hope to offer it as a service very soon.  I think I finally see what all the excitement is about.  After writing with this pen for a couple days, I now have the urge to grind a medium nib and put it in my EDC pen.  Stay tuned on the nib grinding.... its coming. 

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