I'm working on figuring out how to do skinny pens.

As I try to improve the quality of my pens it seems like the most important ingredient is feedback from the fountain pen community at large.  With this in mind I did an informal survey on facebook and I feel like I got a lot of good information.   I learned that people don't always like the crazy flamboyant colors found on some of the alumilite and acrylic blanks I like to use.  Sometimes people just want a nice conservative colored well made smooth writing pen.  I have a couple that will fit this bill in the works right now.  I also learned that there were a LOT of people who wanted pens in the skinnier range (maybe 10 or 11mm at most on the section.  I LOVE making big pens and have made the assumption that everyone else must like them too.  It appears I was wrong.  So I now have several skinny pens in mind to appeal to the skinny pen crowd.  Finally, I heard lots of complaints about pens with "steps" on the barrel.  Many people just didn't like how that feels on your finger.  I couldn't agree more.  So going forward I will have some pens with steps and a lot of pens without any steps on them.  Thank you to everyone who responded to my "survey" and stay tuned for more good looking pens.

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