I've been working on a tricky special order.

  For the last couple days I have been finishing up a tricky special order.  I was asked to make a replica of a Franklin Cristoph Panther model 40.  My task was to make roughly the same pen out of customer chosen materials with a couple of adjustments.  The pen itself needed to be about .75 inches longer and the cap about .125 inches shorter.  The main goal was to get the very long section (1.125 inches) included in the build and have it look essentially the same as the FC Panther model 40.  My first try was a little off.  This is the top pen in the picture.  The body came out a little skinny and the customer didn't care for it.  The bottom pen is my re-try and hopefully successful attempt at the customer's vision.    The top pen is now an extra and will be listed for sale at a discount $125.  Check out my store for more details.   Next week I hope to have a couple more really colorful pens made.  I just got some more material in stock and am excited to see it on a finished pen.

Also if you are really bored you can go over to FPN and check out a couple of ink reviews that I did.  I ordered some ink for myself and decided it would be fun to do a review.  Also, I'm just putting this out there, but, I think I am now addicted to Colorverse Quasar Ink!!!

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