Getting quite a bit done this week

I'm back from vacation and doing my best to get back into making some pens.  I am spending all this week making some clipless pens out of this really beautiful flecked material I had sitting around.     I'm pretty happy with how the first two came out.  I am hoping to make a couple more before the week is over.  Here is Nebraska it is FINALLY not 95 degrees with 100% humidity.  Its actually a pretty tolerable 85.   I have a box for pens I made from Walnut about half done.  Still deciding on how I am going to...

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Made some clown poop and started a pen box. 6-9-17

Made some clown poop and started a pen box.  6-9-17

Today was a pretty good day in the shop.  I made a pen that looks like a piece of clown poop and I got started on a box made from walnut. The box is being made from locally harvested air dried walnut.  The wood has a pretty cool story around it.  There was a really old walnut tree being cut down in Seward Nebraska (a town about 80 miles away from here) back in the 1970's.  A guy I know who has been a woodworker his whole life and is now in his late 80's, had the wood taken to...

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