About Us

J and J Wood Designs is nothing more than my obsession with making things.

In 2006 my wife and I bought our first house.  It wasn't new and needed updating and work all over the place.  Initially, I had friends and family helping me.  After I realized that most of the cutting, fitting, staining, etc that goes along with trim carpentry was pretty straightforward, I was hooked.  I kept thinking if this is that easy then I wonder if I could do that.  From there I started buying tools and, as any woodworker will tell you, tools are a rathole you go down never to find your way back up. 

In 2007 I got my first lathe.  I don't think I have ever loved doing anything so much in my life.  TURNING IS A RIOT!!!!.  If you haven't tried it you should.  I began making kit pens in 2008.  Between 2008 and 2011 I turned over 3000 kit pens (no that isn't a misprint... it figured out to about 4 or 5 per day).   I sold them on ebay with some success... enough to buy more tools.   I began to get weary of turning the same thing over and over and my mind began to wonder to fountain pens.   Around this time I also began repairing pool cues (whole other story).  I purchased a metal lathe and I was hooked again!!!  For all of the creativity that a wood lathe offers the metal lathe offers accuracy and repeatability.  Between the two a person can literally do anything!.

My grizzly metal lathe 

My powermatic wood lathe

My Jet Mini Lathe

As you can see I now have 3 lathes and between them I'm not sure there is anything that I can't make. 

In late 2012 I started making kitless fountain pens.  I fell in love with the blank slate.  You start with a nib and everything else you manufacture.  There is an endless combination of what can be made (sometimes to my detriment.... I've made some pretty ugly pens that started as good ideas).  I have continued to make kitless pens over the last few years and I just don't seem to get tired of it.  Just when I think I have done everything I get a new idea or a new request and I'm excited all over again. Besides that, the diversity of the materials themselves for pens is just incredible.

My pen blank drawer

Besides pens (which have always been my constant), I make other things as well.  I really enjoy veneer work and have become obsessed lately with walnut burl veneer.  I have built most of the furniture in my house and have also done a few commissioned pieces for other people.

Drawer side view of my walnut burl veneer deskTop side view of my walnut burl desk

So if you see other items show up on this website besides pens, please don't be surprised.  I also really enjoy making pen boxes.  I have made several of those over the years from exotic wood, burl veneers, and some of the finest material mother nature has to offer.  I have usually sold those on ebay, but in the future, I plan to list them here for sale.  I am always open to commissioned pieces here as well.