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Alien Acrylic Fountain Pen

Regular price $135.00
Here is a pen made from some crazy green acrylic.  It has another name, but for our purposes I'm calling it the Alien Pen.... mostly because that is all I thought of while making it :)  The pen measures 5 5/8" long capped and 5 3/8" long uncapped.  The cap does NOT post.  It weighs in at around 28 grams.  This pen can be used as an eyedropper or cartridge/converter filler.  The converter it comes with is the Schmidt k6 screw in converter so you don't have to worry about the converter coming off if the pen is in your pocket when you do off-roading in your pickup (don't ask).  The pen is around 17.5 mm wide at its thickest and the section is 12.75mm down to 11mm.  This pen will (like all my custom pens) come with a free bottle of Noodlers Omaha Brown.  This is a custom color that Nathan made for us here in the Midwest.

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