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Purple Haze Fountain Pen

Regular price $150.00
Here is a Purple Haze Kirinite Fountain pen I made.  Kirinite is just another name for acrylic... I think.  At least it turns and looks similar to other acrylics.  I will say that the depth of the shimmer on this one is pretty awesome.  I tried to photograph if from several angles but it really didn't do justice to what it looks like in person.  The pen is 5 7/8" long capped, and 5 3/8" long uncapped.  The cap does post and rather deeply at that.  The pen is 6 7/8" long with the cap posted.  The barrel of the pen is 14mm and the cap is around 17mm.   The section is 1" long and 12.75mm thick.  The pen comes with a Schmidt k6 screw in converter.  Also it can be used as an eyedropper.  If you use it as an eyedropper you may NOT want to fill it unless you plan on using the same color for several months.  The inside of the pen is 10.25mm by about 2 1/2" deep.  This means the pen will hold SEVERAL ml of ink.  The pen weighs 28 grams.  It will also come with our own color of Noodlers ink Omaha Brown.   Don't forget to choose the size of nib you want.

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